Hiring me as your Go 2 Market Coach is easy and flexible.

Here is how I typically work, although I’m always open to  new ideas on how I can meet your unique business needs. 

Go 2 Market Workshop

This workshop helps you get your product marketing and business goals on track. This is ideal for small teams that want to work fast and ensure results. After discovery and data review, I will lead your team through several proprietary Go 2 Market exercises to zero in on your best strategy and improve your sales and marketing message. Outputs include: persona creation and refinement, marketing system design, customer acquisition strategy, and marketing team process improvements.


Go 2 Market Spike

A great option for startups and innovation groups inside larger companies, a Go 2 Market spike is a specific 2-day project that we define together. Goals for a Spike include: 

  • Marketing Strategy Development and Evaluation
  • Product Launch Planning
  • Customer Research
  • Persona Development 
  • Buyer's Journey
  • Pricing Strategy Development
  • Branding Tune-up & Resonance Testing


On-Call Strategic Executive

My clients often refer to me as the “ultimate sparring partner” as I help tease out their most profitable and brand-expanding ideas. I help them focus on the highest value work and improve sales and marketing decisions. Through weekly contact, we set goals, track progress and build in accountability and key metrics to insure we are moving the business forward. Each business has different needs, so schedule an exploratory call with me here.

Want to Learn More?

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