As a professional marketing workshop facilitator, my job isn’t to bring the big idea into the room, it’s to bring out the big idea from within the room. My clients know their products, their clients, and their market inside and out, but can often get lost along the path of connecting all three. My workshops are designed to help companies think and act like a successful sales and marketing team.

SONOS Design Challenge at University of Washington

SONOS Design Challenge at University of Washington

As brands begin to dramatically scale, often the loudest voices in the room win out while the best ideas are never fully vocalized or heard. As a musician and producer, I’ve learned to help groups land on that perfect sound on stage and in the studio. In the mix, you have to amplify people with quieter voices while subduing players who are too loud. In music, and in marketing, the best idea, not the loudest, should win. Clients tell me my strength is in cultivating a positive group dynamic, cutting through tension, and pulling out the best ideas when the group has lost its way.

Harvesting ideas in a brainstorming session at a Seattle workshop.

Harvesting ideas in a brainstorming session at a Seattle workshop.

In a single workshop, or series of workshops, I bring essential parties together to create a bankable marketing program and come up with an action plan to start delivering results. Among the topics we’ll likely cover include:

  • Marketing Mix Evaluation and Updates

    • What worked before might not be fully serving you today; we’ll take a look at where your customers and competitors are now and what trends are impacting the future to determine your next steps, platforms, and key messages.

  • Sales Channels

    • We’ll look at which channels are top performing, underperforming. or under-utilized. We’ll look at the market to see what channels, if any, are missing from your marketing mix. Finally, we’ll set goals and equip each channel with the resources and support they need to be successful.

  • Customer Profiling

    • Is there a gulf between the customers you have and the customers you want? How have their needs changed since you first entered the market? Are there unexplored ways to better meet their needs and add value to their lives? By creating rich and detailed customer profiles, we can backtrack to ensure your product and your marketing mix is custom tailored to reach and inspire them.

  • Brand Identity

    • What is the purpose of the product? What is the mission of the brand? How do these fit together to attract and engage the consumer? In this workshop, we make sure your marketing story is current, forward-thinking, and truly connecting with customers to inspire sales and referrals.

  • Custom Workshop

    • Have an idea for a workshop that you don’t see here? If you suggest it, I can build it for you. Time and again, I’ve designed successful custom workshops for my clients that have solved problems, inspired teams, and dramatically impacted their business.

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