Here is what some of my past colleagues and current clients say about what it is like to work with me: 

“Dave is a creative, passionate marketer who is able to keep the business goals at hand while driving go-to-market objectives. He is a solid and experienced marketing and sales leader who brings passion and energy to the early stage environment, capable of communicating with boards, executives and all levels of the enterprise.”
— Michael Bayer, CFO, iZotope
Dave is extremely flexible, easy-going, quick-minded and just darn smart! He also has a lot of emotional intelligence and he is very skillful in interacting with others — he is a warm-hearted, deeply kind man. In a world full of people who “oversell”, Dave values high-quality work and brings a strong sense of integrity to his interactions and dealings with others. His profound sense of serving his clients well, is very present in him.
— Susan Loree, Integral Coaching Canada
“Dave was a key player in setting the strategic direction for the company and growing the company 4-fold in as many years. Dave drove many successful initiatives; revenue growth, strengthening of our brand, better engagement with our customers/community, and the development of a modern go-to-market capacity within the company. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave as a strategic partner and leader in the realm of Sales and Marketing.”
— Jonathan Bailey, CTO, iZotope
“Within one month of diving in, Dave helped me define a simple vision, establish clear organization-wide KPIs and coach my marketing and sales team to success both as individuals and as team members. Dave brings a truly unique, passionate and effective combination of executive growth-hacker and leadership coach. I feel fortunate to be working with him now and can’t wait to see how the bright future unfolds!”
— Douglas Price, President, Pro Sound Effects
“Dave astutely managed incredible growth in starting up Ableton’s US office, but more important to me was forming the foundations for my career under his tutelage. He’s also the first person to look to for advice on any subject, from business to jazz drumming.”
— Jesse Terry, Product Owner for Push, Ableton
“Dave led Ableton’s US operations while I was Director of Direct Sales at Ableton’s headquarter in Berlin. His track record has been exceptionally strong in various aspects: In sales results under Dave’s tenure, Ableton’s US business grew by orders of magnitude, and considerably faster than Ableton’s worldwide business. Dave also took a leading role in shaping and pushing the Ableton brand, not only for the US market but globally. Also, he’s one of those rare guys who manage to combine hardcore professionalism on the one side with being an incredibly relaxed, nice and fun guy to have around.”
— Martin Fröhlich, Director of Direct Sales, Ableton
“Dave is a true marketer in that he is completely customer-focused and goes to great lengths to interview, survey, and otherwise intimately know who the customer is and what they want. He has extensive experience with content marketing (aka Inbound), and opts for content and methods that will actually make a difference to the customer and be useful to them, rather than gimmicky marketing devices to trick people into buying something. He also has an incredibly wide “big-picture” view of the marketing space and how to reach people. Dave taught me an enormous amount about marketing as we worked together, and he gave me a respect for the profession that I never really had. Dave also is a completely genuine human being, hardworking, and straightforward. I hope to be able to work with him again someday.”
— -- Owen Smithyman, Origin Labs
“Dave is a tireless advocate for the companies he works for. His sense of humor combined with industry acumen and technical know-how is always a winning combination within the audio/MI/entertainment industry. He was instrumental in our ongoing support of Ableton products with the DrumCore/KitCore line and plays a great role in my recommendations to others re: iZotope technology. Brand asset? YES!”
— -- Kord Taylor, Director of Marketing, Antares Audio Technologies
“Dave drew on his previous expertise to grow iZotope’s sales and marketing departments tremendously. Before Dave came along, we had a very homegrown approach that only worked out based on the luck of the draw. Dave encouraged us to seek new markets and experiment with new strategies. His involvement was foundational to the growth we experienced in the years he was with us. He also helped build cross-functional bridges between marketing and sales to engineering, and was always approachable and down-to-earth.”
— Tedd Terry, Application Developer, iZotope, Inc.