My coaching philosophy is about employing what is already working for my clients to create the lasting and meaningful change.

My coaching philosophy is about employing what is already working for my clients to create the lasting and meaningful change.

No matter where you are along your career path, it helps to have a mentor, an impartial voice of reason, a trusted advisor, and/or a seasoned professional with whom you can freely discuss ideas or brainstorm your next move. That’s where I come in.

Companies hire me as an investment in their executives, and executives hire me as an investment in themselves. Our meetings are typically bimonthly or more frequent when needed. I’m also available on-demand (in person, by phone or video chat) as my schedule allows.

Certified Coach

Certified Coach

Integral Associate Coach Certification

Integral Associate Coach Certification

Corporate-Sponsored Executive Coaching

Corporations invest a lot of money to recruit, train, and retain top executive talent. Executive coaching services help improve the overall return on their investment. By working with executives at all levels and reporting progress to senior management, I can help bridge the communication gap without violating the privacy of either party.

Executive Coaching Benefits:

  • Awareness of developmental areas

  • Happier and more engaged executives

  • Increased empathy

  • Improved leadership ability

My work begins with the intake, an in-depth situation analysis and discussion of objectives, followed by the selection of, and agreement upon, attainable developmental goals for both the team and the project(s). I then work with executives and their teams to identify hurdles, roadblocks, and areas for improvement—in workflow, communication, marketing, and other critical arenas. Coached executives gain a trusted mentor and resource while senior management receives an impartial third-party business analysis along with sustainable improvement.

Pre-Dave, our process was rather organic (erratic!); it was challenging to manage and prioritize relationships. Within just a couple of months coaching our team, Dave has helped us clarify and prioritize our business development opportunities and fundraising targets for this year. On a day-to-day basis, he helps us re-focus and see the forest for the trees. I consider Dave a true champion of our company.
— Priyanka Shekar - Program Director, Real Industry

Private Executive Coaching

Executives at all levels hire me to continue their education and gain a competitive edge that will benefit them throughout their careers. I am often employed as a resource, mentor, and sounding board. Our work is strictly confidential and can be done on-site or off, in person or by phone. I help my clients overcome obstacles, keep mission-critical projects on-track, exceed the expectations of their customers and senior managers, better manage their own teams, and improve their overall collaboration and communication skills. Having a big idea is one thing—defending it, selling it, and improving it along the way is everything.

A lot of our work can be considered “personal branding” since my clients ARE the product and are constantly marketing themselves to superiors, subordinates, clients, and other key stakeholders in their careers. There’s a fine line between showboating and bragging, and selling yourself short.  As part of my personal branding counsel, I help clients to effectively document and promote their success year-round to provide leverage for annual salary and promotion negotiations. When other employment opportunities arise, I help clients to weigh offers, negotiate salary and benefits, and know if and when a move makes sense.


Working with Dave has made a major difference in my professional life. He showed me how to let go of the past, to sort through imagined issues, and to reactivate my mojo.
— Adam Levenson, VP of Business Development, G’Audio Lab
Dave is a compassionate, empathetic, and insightful coach. The programs he designed around this topic allowed me to build the muscles I needed to achieve better work-life balance, say no to others when I need to, and benefit from decreased anxiety.
— Kim Pfluger, Product Marketing Manager, iZotope
Dave came on board at a point where my team and I sensed big growth opportunity, but wer were struggling with moving past old layers of complexity and an overall lack of clarity. Within one month of diving in, Dave helped me define a simple vision, establish clear organization-wide KPIs and coach my marketing and sales team to success. Dave brings a truly unique, passionate and effective combination of executive growth-hacker and leadership coach. I feel fortunate to be working with him now and can’t wait to see how the future unfolds!
— Douglas Price, President, Pro Sound Effects