Senior Level Marketing Strategy, On Demand

“If you build it, they will come” will attract ghosts to a baseball diamond, but if you want to attract real customers to a real product, you need a smart, nimble, and actionable marketing strategy.
Dave Hill Jr.

Dave Hill Jr.

The marketing mix most products use at launch might not be effective when trying to scale -- yet most companies stick with what’s worked in the past, or they want to change but don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in.  

I’m an on-demand change agent. By setting ambitious but attainable objectives, supervising market research, modifying the business model (if needed), dialing in the value proposition, creating a step-by-step action plan, and training the team to be successful, I prevent the sales engine from over-revving in a low gear so it can steadily gain momentum in a higher gear.

If you build it, support it with a thorough marketing strategy that connects with customers and generates sales.

My Services

Fractional CMO

Enjoy senior level marketing counsel without the senior-level salary investment

Executive Coach

Career mentorship, project guidance, and—when you need it—a collaborative sparring partner

Workshop Facilitator

Emerging trends, best practices, war stories, inspiration, insights and innovation


My Deliverables

  • Clear objectives

  • Thorough market research

  • Actionable plans

  • Multi-channel sales strategies

  • Inspired branding

  • Steady mentorship

  • Bankable results

Your Results

By working with me, you will better know your customer, their needs, and why your company and products are best suited to solve their problems. Follow our plan, and you’ll embark on a steady path towards continued, scalable success.


Dave is a secret weapon to so many in the digital media industry. During one particularly difficult month, he coached our team through tactical negotiations, offered up his vast network to unstick some deals, retooled our sales planning, and facilitated team off-sites. As a result, we were able to drive Real Industry to cash flow positivity and are on track for 200% YoY growth earned income.
— Jay LeBoeuf, Executive Director, Real Industry | Lecturer, Stanford University

My Clients and Experience

I work with small- to medium-size companies in the technology, media, and consumer products sectors, but my methodology can easily apply to just about any company with a product or service that’s coming to market or has launched but is under-performing.

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My History of Successful Partnerships


It’s always a pleasure to work with Dave! We’ve collaborated closely on several successful product launches and roadmaps. He brings a practical approach to product marketing that combines the best of modern digital marketing technology trends with classic & timeless storytelling—all with a laser focus on the customer.
— Alex Westner, Director of Product Management, Fidelity Labs
With Dave on the team, we have blown this year’s growth goals out of the water.
— Douglas Price, Founder & President, Pro Sound Effects
Dave worked with us on early stage product marketing, heavily influencing the product development process. We have continued to use his methods on subsequent products.
— Danielle Applestone, CEO, Other Machine Co.
“Dave is a creative, passionate marketer who is able to keep the business goals at hand while driving go-to-market objectives. He is a solid and experienced marketing and sales leader who brings passion and energy to the early stage environment, capable of communicating with boards, executives and all levels of the enterprise.”
— Michael Bayer, CFO, iZotope